Medical Billing Services in Denver and Nationwide

Is your practice suffering from the headaches associated with the medical billing services process?

  • Do you and your staff find yourselves overwhelmed with your billing?
  • Are you spending more time with medical billing problems than with your patients?
  • Are you dissatisfied with your current medical billing system or process?
  • Are more than 20% of your receivables older than 90 days?
  • Is your office inundated by patients calling regarding billing questions?
  • Would you like to free up your medical staff to deal with your patients’ health and not their billing problems?

Let Banner’s 20 years of medical billing services and coding experience work for you and set your mind at rest.

Our Services

REVENUE CYCLE MANAGEMENT:  Medical Billing, Coding, and Accounts Receivable

  • Post charges. We enter the correct procedures with accurate diagnoses into the health record and medical billing system.
  • File claims electronically to both primary and secondary insurance carriers.
  • Post payments per the payors’ explanations of benefits.
  • Appeal incorrect payments and denials.
  • Pursue non-payment with payors.
  • Mail patient statements electronically per specified practice protocols.
  • Provide customized reports on the effectiveness of the medical billing operation.
  • Best of all, we use your Electronic Health Record so that your staff can enter and find information at all times. You’re still in charge!

Medical Records Auditing

Ever wonder whether you actually collect the reimbursement owed to you? The American Academy of Professional Coders says the average physician under codes approximately 15% of claims and under documents (over codes) 27% of claims. This equates to over $23,000 in lost revenue and $41,000 in at-risk revenue per year, which can be easily remedied by a simple chart audit. 

Did you know that you are required by law to conduct an annual chart audit?  Fortunately, an audit can consist of only 10 records per provider.  Let us complete your annual chart audit to ensure correct coding and documentation.  We will help you optimize your rightful reimbursement, while avoiding repayment penalties.

Safeguard your revenue stream and your practice by contacting Banner HealthCare Solutions today.

Practice Efficiency Assessment

What are the "holes" in your practice?  Where are you losing money?  How could you be doing more with less?  Find out with our Practice Efficiency Assessment